Welcome To The Home Of The Subpar Nerd.

So like 10 years ago, I wanted to get into Youtubing. I created The Subpar Nerd on Youtube and then….Well pretty much nothing. Played around with some Terraria and Minecraft videos. Didn’t do much.

Now here we are in 2020 and I finally have decided to change that. It’s the perfect time! I’m working 60 hour weeks, enrolled in school full time+ and have a loving fiancee and 2 beautiful dogs.

Aren't they cuties? They have their own Instagram

Aren’t they cuties? They have their own Instagram

Hopefully this time will be different. I mean, I have a website so that’s new right?

As for actual content, I have a varied taste. I play a lot of MMOs, shooters, RPGs, and puzzle games. I’m currently doing Eve Online, Borderlands 3, Fortnite, Animal Crossing, and EarthBound.

I’m Andy the Subpar Nerd. Feel free to follow me at any of my socials. New video every week on Youtube. See you round nerds.

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